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Schools turn to the non-profit Classroom Champions to connect students with world-class athlete mentors. Children learn about social and emotional wellness through the athletes’ personal and professional journeys.

Through a framework aligned to CASEL’s competencies, Classroom Champions provides integrated SEL lessons on topics like goal setting, emotions, perseverance, and leadership, while providing curriculum training, around the clock support for teachers and schools, and resources and advice to engage families. We ensure social and emotional learning is brought to life in all pillars of your school community.

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We have scholarships available for classroom, schools and districts right now!

Contact Kate or Monique to learn more. They are both former teachers who now work tirelessly to make sure any teacher who needs SEL programming, can get it as soon as possible.

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Before you go, here's one more free resource for you!

Download our emotions wheel for your students to personalize. Brainstorm strategies to help manage various emotions, like counting backwards from 10 or taking deep breaths. Then assemble the wheel and keep it handy for when your students (or you!) need it.

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